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We liberate and inspire people to express their identity.



That the street is where life is and that there is nothing more real than music. We believe in peaceful rebellion and challenge the norm with inspiration: we move from the positive and embrace diversity, love, color and freestyle.


We make streetwear on the edge of the trend, without gender but with all the attitude. We design for those who say it all with their style, those who put on a playlist to dress up and transform themselves when they get into the perfect garment. We connect with the freshest, keeping in the details the same old attitude, which we never give up.



We are Colombian talent, from the sketch to the last stitch, and our community is what inspires us the most. TRUE people always have something to say and we are always listening and giving them what they need. We have a young mind and that is why we know that this world needs our responsibility: we avoid waste, we produce only what we know you want and we look for ways to take advantage of surplus materials. We give back to culture everything that it gives us: we share knowledge and resources with other communities that vibrate with the same as we do.


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