Our accessories collection is the way to complete your streetwear outfit. Discover bucket hats, caps, bandanas, beanies, fisher hats and socks that allow you to completely show your style with versatile items crafted with high-quality materials and designs that encourage both self-expression and comfort. 

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are our must-haves. Their wide range of colors, details and materials gives them that edge to accessorize a street or beach outfit. 

Our bucket and fisher hats feature both internal lining and classic designs and they come in solid shades or prints so that you have options to choose from.


We strive to make every cap a focal point in your ensemble, ensuring that it goes great with everything as you wear unique materials and textures. 

 Our caps are created using fabrics such as corduroy, cotton, and polyester, delivering a blend of durability, fashion and protection from the sun.


Embrace the cozy warmth and street-ready appeal of our beanies. From classic solid colors to vibrant ones, they display a wide range of choices for you to combine and express your inner freedom.


Made of 100% cotton TRUE socks will make you feel free and comfortable wherever you go. Our renewed classic socks designs come with shades ranging from neutrals to vivid colors and patterns that make for a statement piece to complete your outfit.


Our silky bandanas are also part of our iconic accessories to make or top off a look. You can find them in creative prints and wear them tied on your pony tail, neck, bag, arm, as a beach accessory or even as a triangle strapless top.

Discover the perfect finishing touches enhance your streetwear aesthetic and create many outfits with our accessories. 

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