Women's Sweaters & Jackets

Sweaters and jackets rise as both adaptable and comfortable essentials in the world of women's fashion. Our collection highlights designs featuring easygoing and timeless silhouettes, which effortlessly blend with streetwear elements that allow your personal style to come through.

We explore fresh ways to dress by offering high-quality and soft fabrics, perfect for everyday-wear. We also embrace bold colors that align with contemporary trends, while also including timeless neutral hues such as black, camel, ivory and bone.

Sweaters for Women

True's selection of women's sweaters includes pullovers and sweatshirts in various fits, with ribbed or elastic sleeves and crew or turtleneck collars. We also have hoodies in bomber and classic styles, plus cropped sweaters with high collars and 1/4 zippers. We commonly add drawstrings, details and graphics like logos or texts to give our basic and graphic sweaters them an urban edge.

Jackets for Women

Our women's jackets bring extra flair to many outfits with their unique prints and designs. We've got bomber and puffer jackets, windbreakers, some with hoods, featuring drawstring-adjustable hems, ribbed cuffs and color-block or single-tone styles.

Additionally, we create lined parkas and antifluid jackets for casual or active outfits.

Pairing True's women's sweaters and jackets with pants, joggers or shorts is an easy way to show off your style and highlight the special features of our women's clothes.

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