The freedom to express and be yourself has always been a part of our purpose. 4/20 is one of the moments of the year in which we share our vision and take a stand on a social and cultural issue, such as the responsible and conscious consumption of cannabis. "Aire Libre" is the collection with which we want to express our message this 2023. image
With these pieces, we seek nothing more than to inspire and share our vision, to disconnect from the environment
and connect with our thoughts. So that wherever we are, we can breathe fresh air in.
image We created a drop that welcomes a neutral and subtle color palette: brown, rosewood, cream and pine green in pieces like t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. image In addition to high-value garments, rich in details such as corduroy jackets and pants, polo shirts, accessories and new limited edition objects such as mats and acrylic happy boxes. image

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